Our Team & Our Commitment

Caduceus Solutions PLLC provides either In-Office or TeleMedicine Consultations, Services and Treatment to Caduceus Members.

The informational and educational services that we provide are truly exceptional with the ability to research and interrogate the international medical literature. We access respected, researched and validated information that allow the patient and their loved ones to make the most informed decisions about their healthcare. Our database services are available to our Members on request and most importantly we provide an expert interpretation and explanation of the medical literature.

The TeleMedicine Consultations are now available to the General Public at Presenter Stations.

Please go to the TeleHealth and Contact Page.

The Physicians “Virtual Medicine Station” augments but does not replace the knowledge and acumen of our Excellent Physicians!

We provide our Physicians and Staff with full access to Proprietary Medical Reference Material and Research including References.