Mission Statement

This is “The Clinic” for the healthcare of the Highly Discerning Individual who values their time. We take pride in the fact that our patients receive expeditious care. Our Goal is to improve the enjoyment of life through medical excellence, education, lifestyle enhancement and fitness.

We provide comprehensive non-emergency healthcare for patients age 16 years and above.

If you believe you have an acute emergency please go to your nearest Emergency Department.

Our mission is to provide and administer Caduceus Solutions PLLC offerings of health care enhancement programs.

Who will benefit from our physician coached lifestyle enhancement programs?

  • All individuals with healthcare needs.
  • Pain Management and Treatment.
  • Chronic Fatique
  • If you are considering bariatric surgery please do yourself a very great favor and consider the tremendous advantages of our programs.
  • If you have a positive family history of atherosclerotic heart disease, ischemic stroke and/or diabetes mellitus, consider our program.
  • If you are fatigued, overweight, have diabetes and/or hypertension, consider our program.
  • If you are a smoker or have ever been, strongly consider our program.
  • If you are a senior whom is suffering from dwindling energy, strength, posture, balance and fitness consider our program.
  • If you believe that an independent and unbiased comprehensive review of the medical literature, in reference to your specific medical need is essential to your decision-making, we can provide this very special and cogent service.


*All of our programs are proprietary and specifically tailored to the individual based on their wants and needs.



 “Superior Service with Exceptional Satisfaction is our Aim!”