Medical Case and Literature Review Services

Caduceus Solutions PLLC provides referenced, evidence based, comprehensive medical literature reviews for clients requesting these services. Our highly professional physician scientists have decades of experience interpreting medical literature, managing complex medical problems and giving recommendations based on research and clinical experience.

When you have a need there is no substitute for astute, scientific, personalized and especially unbiased discussion and coaching.

We take great pride in the fact that our coaching has only the very best outcomes as goals. We are true “Medical Coaches” interested only in the very best outcomes for the patient and family.

Scientific Literature Based Services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • A comprehensive written and highly referenced review and synopsis of the medical question.
  • A “Face to Face” interview with interested parties to identify the medical problem and the scope of the literature search.
  • A “Post Synopsis” debriefing for discussion of the medical issue
  • A “PowerPoint Presentation” for all interested parties as required
  • Presentations for large groups and community organizations are available as requested
  • Moderation of Discussion Groups for the elucidation of medical quandaries
  • Follow up services for discussion of ongoing issues as required

Please note: Direct patient care and a physician patient caregiver relationship are not necessarily required for these services. These services can also be performed remotely by video conferencing and telecommunication.

There are some people that believe a “Google© Search” is adequate to make complex medical decisions. This not only will be confusing but fraught with the possibility of misadventure. To be penny wise and dollar foolish is not advisable at any time but is especially unwise when your health or the health of a loved one is at risk.

If we can be of service our contact information is listed above.


Jerry Ray Baskerville MD

Caduceus Solutions PLLC

Founder and CEO